Charity Fundraising Dinner – Evening Of Hope

Our Charity Dinner at the Sheridan Suite Manchester on the 11th of March was a success thanks to everyone who came and donated generously to our cause of creating Kidney dialysis centres in rural areas of Pakistan such as Gilgit + Baltistan as well as South Punjab regions.

Together, we raised £65,000 on the night and we are incredibly happy to announce that two dialysis machines were also donated by a medical organisation in the USA.

What does this mean?

It means more people in rural areas of Pakistan can now benefit from this life saving medical equipment, which they would normally travel far for or not go at all to get treatment due to finances. Our team will be ensuring our aims and goals are met with vigour as we build our first kidney dialysis centre in Pakistan.

A huge thank you to all our incredible volunteers on the night, without you it would not be possible. If you also are looking at how you can get involved send us a quick e-mail to with the subject Volunteering and we will get back to you with more information. Get involved with Medical Aid UK today!

Our two current campaigns:

1) Help us in opening a new kidney Dialysis centre in Gilgit, Northern Pakistan  – Click Here to Donate

2) Donate towards a Kidney Dialysis Machine – A kidney dialysis machine will be used to treat people who have Kidney Disease and cannot afford treatment. Click Here to Donate



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