Getting Our First Dialysis Machine

We will be setting up our first Kidney Dialysis Centre in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Gilgit-Baltistan presently consists of 10 (ten) districts and has a population of over 1.5 (one and a half million) people. However, due to poor infrastructure, mountainous location and lack of funding and other resources, basic health facilities are not available in most parts of this region. Moreover, there are limited opportunities for people to work and as a result, most of the population live well below the poverty line. People in this region suffer from many diseases; however, the ratio of Kidney and Liver diseases is higher than others. We therefore believe that setting up a unit over there will be a great help to the people of this region.

Our plans also include setting up a second Kidney Dialysis Centre, in South Punjab, Pakistan. This is one the poorest region in Punjab where basic health facilities are rarely available. The local population suffer not only from Kidney failure but also from Liver diseases. We therefore believe that, setting up a unit over there will help the poor and needy people of this region and will also help in motivating other charities do similar work in this region. Medical Aid (UK) intends to establish its own kidney transplant centres in different regions of Pakistan.

The estimated cost of the first two Kidney Dialysis Centres is about £100,000 (one hundred thousand pounds only). In both these units treatment will be free for the poor & needy people of Pakistan.

In relation to our plans for curing liver diseases in Pakistan, Medical Aid (UK) will initially be providing free medical assistance in relation to Hepatitis B and C infections to the poor and needy people of Pakistan. Later on, Medical Aid (UK) intends to establish its own liver transplant centre in Pakistan.




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