Hepatitis Pilot Project

The charity’s president, Dr Inayat Khan Babar, travelled to Pakistan to oversee the work being carried out for the establishment of the Gilgit and Kalu Khan dialysis centres.

A community screening clinic for Hepatitis B and C was set up on the 14th of April 2018 near Nowshera, KPK, Pakistan. Nearly 200 local residents attended and their blood samples were analysed at a local laboratory. A number of individuals, males & females were suffering from Hepatitis B & C. Patients with Hepatitis B were advised to consult a local specialist physician for this complicated condition.

At present, the charity will be treating patients with positive Hepatitis C with FREE TREATMENT for 3-4 months. This is the charity’s first pilot project. If successful, treatment centres would be set up all over Pakistan.¬†Experts in Pakistan and overseas are saying millions of Pakistanis are suffering from Hepatitis B and C, by drinking contaminated water. Please help us by treating patients unable to afford expenses by donating generously.

Bank Details
Medical Aid (UK), Barclays Bank plc, Rochdale Branch
Account No. 73499138, Sort code 207267

We operate under 100% Donation Policy
All your donations go towards treating the poor & needy people who are suffering from Kidney and Liver Diseases.






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