Opening Ceremony – Kidney Haemo-Dialysis Centre In Gilgit, Northern Pakistan

Local people of Gilgit are to see the opening of a new state-of-the-art Kidney Haemo-dialysis Centre which is now near completion. The unit is the first Kidney Dialysis centre that Medical Aid UK have set up, based in the City Government Hospital, Gilgit.

This Vital Health service will help many poor people in the Gilgit and surrounding area who are unable to get the proper treatment for chronic kidney disease and are unable to afford to go to the more advanced cities for treatment.

Four state of the art, brand new German dialysis machines and RO water plants have been installed at
the hospital. The official opening ceremony would be held on Saturday 13th October 2018.
Dr.I.K.Babar, President and Mrs.R.Shamim MBE Vice President Medical Aid (UK) have travelled to
Pakistan to specifically attend the ceremony. It is expected that senior members of Gilgit-Baltistan
government and local officials, businessmen would attend the ceremony which would be a landmark
for health facilities in the area.



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