The Holy month of Ramadan is here! Mercies and barkats will be showering upon us. For
every good deed we do during this month the rewards are far more than during any other month of
the year.

Medical Aid(UK) at present is concentrating on the FREE TREATMENT to the deserving patients in Pakistan on two projects. Firstly, the clinic in the community in district Nowshera, KPK for the investigation and treatment of Hepatitis(Kaalaa Yarqaan). Investigations and treatment are both expensive and above the reach of the common man.

Secondly, the Haemo-Dialysis Kidney centre has now been established and formerly opened on 13th October 2018 at the City Hospital Gilgit. At present there are 4 brand new machines working 6 days a week on two shifts. The demand in the area is such that the hospital administration have asked for an additional 2 machines to be stored. Without the additional machines, patients will miss out of treatment. We are now making arrangements to send a further 2 machines once we have raised the funds. I, therefore, appeal to you to kindly donate Kherat Fee lillah, Zakat, Sadaqah etc to save lives of the poor patients and protect their families from devastation.

Bank cheques can be sent to the charity’s head office at:– 42 Wordsworth Way, Rochdale OL11 5JE or can be deposited directly into the charity’s bank account. The details are:- Barclays Bank plc, Rochdale Branch, account No. 73499138 sort code 20-72- 67.


The cheques should be drawn in favour of “Medical Aid (UK)” All the workers of this charity, including myself, serve voluntarily, pay the expenses from our own accounts. Your full donations are spent on the wellbeing of the poor patients. May Allah give you high rewards in both worlds for your donations and continued support of Medical Aid(UK), fasting and performing your prayers and other good deeds. Amin.

Dr.Inayat Khan Babar, President



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